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Facial Care

At Sugar Bae Salon, we are passionate about helping you get the best out of your skin. Our team of experienced estheticians will provide you with the best tips on facial care, as well as why having a facial is important and why buying esthetician products is more beneficial than other products. We believe that with the right products and care, you can have healthy and beautiful skin. We offer a variety of services that are tailored specifically to your skin care needs. Visit us today and let us help you achieve your skin care goals.

Facial Treatment

Facial Prep Before Appointment

Prior to your facial, chemical peel, or microneedling appointment, please take the following steps to ensure your skin is prepped and ready for the treatment: 1) Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, 2) Avoid using any exfoliating products or harsh cleansers, 3) Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds, 4) Avoid wearing makeup or any other skincare products, 5) Let us know if you have recently used any retinol or glycolic acid products, 6) Drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothing.

Facial Aftercare

It is important to follow aftercare instructions after any facial, chemical peel, or microneedling service. For a facial, it is important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use a moisturizer that is tailored to your skin type. For a chemical peel, it is important to hydrate the skin frequently, use gentle products and sunscreen, and avoid direct sun exposure. For microneedling, it is important to keep the skin clean and hydrated, avoid direct sun exposure, and use gentle products. We have a variety of products customized to your skin type available for purchase to help you maintain your results.

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