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Lash BLVD Lash Growth Serum

Lash BLVD Lash Growth Serum

Lash growth serum to grow thicker, fuller natural lashes. Helps repair damage from strip lashes or extensions. Can be used with extensions on the natural lashes.



This innovative blend is beautifully formulated with natural, healthy ingredients like Biotin and Vitamin E to nourish, condition, and strengthen your natural lashes while also being gentle for everyday use.

Use this product an hour before your makeup application in the a.m. and once at night for the best results. 

-Safe for everyday use.


Visible results in as soon as 60 days, safe to use with eyelash extensions 

  • Fruit stem cell extract 
  • Pumpkin seed extract 
  • Biotin Vitamin E
  • Keratin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
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